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Local Food, Strong Community, Healthy World

Nourish your family and friends, directly support local farms, and leave the planet a bit better off with each passing season. 

During the Spring of 2020, it became clear to us that we could offer a service to our local community by selling our fresh, all-natural food directly. We have always believed that supporting local is best. Farm to table is a concept that we believe our country should embrace....and now YOU can now purchase delicious, farm-fresh LOCAL food right from our small farm stand & market. 

Established to be a more convenient way for you to buy directly from our farm, and to make sure your grocery dollars not only fill your fridge with good food, but also help strengthen our local economy and community in the process.

Royal Riverside Farm works with other local farmers to offer seasonal vegetables, seasonal fruit, value-added products, and pantry staples throughout the year. We believe that local food and convenient shopping aren’t mutually exclusive. 

Experience how easy—and delicious—connecting directly with our farm can be!

Sustainability is a Founding Principle

Sustainability is very important to us and a core value at Royal Riverside Farm.

Social Distancing Is Easier On The Farm

 If health safety concerns are keeping you from grocery stores, we’ve got your needs met.  As a momma, I feel much safer knowing that the only hands that have touched our food belong to my sweet little family. ❤ 

We want to support our community and make sure your food safety & security needs are met.  

Farm Fresh Products & Price List

By purchasing our farm-fresh products, you are making our dreams come true by providing your family and ours with wholesome, farm-fresh, high-quality food. Thank you!

Support Local Farmers

Farm To Table

Delicious, All-Natural Milk

Delicious, All-Natural Milk


Delicious, All-Natural Milk

Delicious, All-Natural Milk

Delicious, All-Natural Milk