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For us, this is a labor of love. We use time-honored, simple methods and the strictest quality standards. 


Bottom's Up Buttercup

At Royal Riverside Farm, our ladies are pampered like princesses!  Our family is committed to superior quality, sustainability, and embracing the traditions of farming values.

About Us


Family Owned & Operated

We are a small family farm representing six generations of dairy farmers. The original dairy farms are no longer in existence, yet we have always dreamed of providing a lifestyle for our daughters that instills faith, family, and farm values.  Hard work, dedication, and commitment are a way of life for us. The foundation of our herd are national-award winning cows owned and cared for by our daughters. They are a part of our family and are pampered like princesses.  Our hogs are also champions in their own right, as we select superior genetics and feed to maximize their quality. Our products are locally-raised by our small farm family with pure, natural, high-quality ingredients. Joyfully produced for your family by ours.      


The ONLY creamline milk produced locally!

What is creamline milk? 

Creamline milk is one of the most natural forms of milk. It is pasteurized, but not homogenized. Homogenization is the process after pasteurization where the milk is mixed and the cream line (or fat content) is permanently mixed into the body of the milk. Non-homogenized milk can aid the body in better digestion, and properly utilize the proteins found in milk.  



  • Always local, always fresh. 
  • Minimal processing with pure, natural, high-quality ingredients.
  • Our cows are raised naturally, pastured nearly year round and pampered like princesses.
  • Low-temp pasteurization results in rich creamline milk packed full of flavor and nutrition.   

Our Commitment to Quality



Royal Riverside Farm Milk is just one step away from milk that literally comes straight from the cow! We use time-honored, simple methods and the strictest quality standards to preserve the highest quality, nutrition and flavor. Our creamline milk is vat pasteurized, a gentle technique used to heat the milk slowly in order to ensure our customers are getting the BEST product possible.    Our milk is packaged glass bottles, so we can reuse the bottles in an effort to reduce waste and promote sustainability. Our glass bottles are reused almost immediately; they go back to the farm, are washed, sanitized and refilled. This process uses minimal energy and promotes maximum sustainability.


Low~Temp Pasteurized


Pasteurization is the process of heating milk to remove any harmful bacteria, which makes it safer to drink. Royal Riverside Farm Products are heated to 145° Fahrenheit and held for 30-minutes. This is the gentlest form of pasteurization, so milk proteins do not become denatured like milk that is processed using HTST or ultra-high temperature methods. Our milk also retains maximum flavor so it tastes better!  


Highest Quality


Our creamline milk is non-homogenized, so the cream literally rises to the top! Creamline, or non-homogenized milk, is the most natural form of milk. Homogenization is an intensive mixing process used to prevent cream from separating from the liquid portion of the milk. By breaking the milkfat apart, the fat globules become smaller and denser. The smaller particles float freely throughout the milk and reduce the tendency to collect or rise. Our bodies prefer minimally-processed foods, so drinking creamline milk is actually BETTER for us!

Our Commitment to Environmental Sustainability


Rinse & Return Your Bottles

At Royal Riverside Farm, we strive to maintain environmentally friendly farming practices. Sustainability is very important to us. Help us by rinsing & returning your bottles to any one of our retail locations. Our small farm family THANKS YOU! 

Our milk is packaged glass bottles, so we can reuse the bottles in an effort to reduce waste and promote sustainability. Our glass bottles are reused almost immediately; they go back to the farm, are washed, sanitized and refilled. This process uses minimal energy and promotes maximum sustainability. We take pride in our environmentally friendly efforts! 

Our Story


Our Family

Our Products

Our Family

 We are a family-owned and operated business, dedicted to making the highest quality and minimamlly processed milk. Our family represents six generations of dairy farmers...this is born and bred into us, and we are proud of our heritage. We are the only farmstead creamery in the Mid-Willamette Valley offering creamline milk. 


Our Cows

Our Products

Our Family

 Our grass-fed cows produce superior quality milk - high in solids, which is why it is so rich & creamy.  Our herd consists of mostly Jerseys, greatly enhancing the flavor. We do not use synthetic hormones (such as bST) that artificially stimulate milk production.  This results in happy, healthy cows and the most natural milk a cow can produce. 


Our Products

Our Products

Our Products

We use low-temp or vat pasteurization, which preserves the taste and nutrition of our milk. We do not homogenize, so the cream literally rises to to top! Glass bottles help us promote sustainability. We currently offer Whole, Chocolate, and coming soon drinkable Yogurt and Eggnog (seasonally).  Whatever your preference, you can enjoy farm-fresh, all-natural, wholesome milk that is joyfully produced from our family to yours! 

2019 National Jersey Queen ~ Our Daughter!


Meet Queen Gracie


Being crowned the 2019 National Jersey Queen is a dream come true for me. As National Jersey Queen, I am an ambassador for something that has influenced my life tremendously – the Jersey Cow. I cannot think of anything more gratifying than to give back to an industry that is so dear to my heart. Being a sixth generation dairy farmer, my love for the Jersey cow runs deep. I am honored to represent Jersey dairy farmers from across our great nation as I work to promote the Jersey breed, to advocate for the health benefits of drinking Jersey milk, and to endorse the fact that Jerseys are uniquely right for today’s tough economic times. 

~ Gracie Krahn, 2019 National Jersey Queen


The Queen & Her Court


All American Jersey Show

MILK ~ Oregon's State Beverage

Check out our National Jersey Queen

From Our Farm To Your Table

By purchasing our farm-fresh products, you are making our dreams come true by providing your family and ours with wholesome, farm-fresh, high quality milk, meat, and eggs. Thank you!

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