Our Story

Our Family


We are a family-owned and operated business, dedicted to making the highest quality and minimamlly processed milk. Our family represents six generations of dairy farmers...this is born and bred into us, and we are proud of our heritage. We are the only farmstead creamery in the Mid-Willamette Valley offering creamline milk.

Our Cows


Our grass-fed cows produce superior quality milk - high in solids, which is why it is so rich & creamy.  Our herd consists of mostly Jerseys, greatly enhancing the flavor. We do not use synthetic hormones (such as bST) that artificially stimulate milk production.  This results in happy, healthy cows and the most natural milk a cow can produce.

Our Products


We use low-temp or vat pasteurization, which preserves the taste and nutrition of our milk. We do not homogenize, so the cream literally rises to to top! Glass bottles help us promote sustainability. We currently offer Whole, Chocolate, and coming soon drinkable Yogurt and Eggnog (seasonally).  Whatever your preference, you can enjoy farm-fresh, all-natural, wholesome milk that is joyfully produced from our family to yours!