The Matriarch of our Herd

Miss Nastias Tequila Nutcracker-ET EX 92

Born in early December of 2012, "Nutty" is our oldest daughter's pride & joy. She has quite a history of winning in the show ring. Although her days as a "beauty cow" are over, she is still producing gorgeous calves that we have sold all over the United States and Canada. Her offspring continue to dominate the ring and bring home banners for their new owners.  

Nutty has achieved such noteworthy accomplishments as All American (3 times!) and Reserve All American. She is currently classified EXCELLENT 92-points. Milking over 85-pounds per day, her milk is rich in A2 Protein. She is the first in our parlor to be milked and keeps the rest of the ladies towing the line in the barn. 

Nutty is a Queen and we adore her. 

"Nutty's" Winnings

2013 All American Winter Calf

2013 Junior All American Winter Calf

2013 All American Access Winter Calf

2013 Reserve Junior Champion - All American Jersey Show

2015 Reserve Junior All American Senior 2-Year Old

More about Nutty...

Reserve All American

Excellent Mammary System

Excellent Mammary System


Nutty & Gracie make quite a dynamic duo. Here they are proudly displaying their Reserve All American title received at the 2015 All American Jersey Show in Louisville, Kentucky.

Excellent Mammary System

Excellent Mammary System

Excellent Mammary System


Nutty is quite a diva, scored EXCELLENT 92-points!

Gorgeous as a Heifer

Excellent Mammary System

Gorgeous as a Heifer


Most notable of Nutty's winnings occurred in 2013 when she was named All American Winter Calf of both the Junior and Open shows! That means she was the BEST heifer in the country in her age division!

A Perfect Pair

Dominating the Show Ring

Gorgeous as a Heifer


Nutty in all her glory...

Dominating the Show Ring

Dominating the Show Ring

Dominating the Show Ring


When this pair enter the ring, they demand attention!

At the Big Show

Dominating the Show Ring

Dominating the Show Ring


Placing second in a cow class at the All American Jersey Show was an incredible accomplishment!


Another Queen in the barn

Royalty Ridge Comerica Nahaley EX 93

Another Queen in her own right, "Nahaley" has an impressive history of winning also. Her most notable accomplishment was placing third in the Milking Yearling Cow class at the 2015 All American Jersey Show at the North American Livestock Exposition in Louisville, Kentucky.

Nahaley's Accomplishments

2015 3rd Jr. All American Milking Yearling


Fancy! Fancy! Fancy!

Royalty Ridge Firey’s Ferrari VG-85

Ferrari, pictured above as a heifer, is everyone's favorite gentle giant....yes, she is enormous for a Jersey cow. Black as can be, with eyes as tender as her spirit, she is a love in and out of the show barn. Her calves are just like her...big, fancy, and sweet as can be. Look for her Fizz calf next year in our show string.

Ferrari's Accomplishments

5th Place All American Fall Calf